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Book Cover

V&A Illustration Awards 2014: Published Category - Book Cover

Pietari Posti, cover (detail) for Swallowdale by Arthur Ransome, published by Vintage, London, 2012

Book Cover Illustration Award Winner

Anne-Marie Jones

Cover for Sons and Lovers, Author D.H. Lawrence
Published by The Folio Society, London, 2013

For the cover of Sons and Lovers Anne-Marie Jones wanted an image that was quite simple but conveyed the sense of physicality and attachment within the book. The process of designing the final piece was one of trial and error, but the idea of the arms and body had been present throughout. Jones began with various painted elements, such as the hands and torso, these were then collaged together digitally to create the finished piece.

Although it was the cover that caught the judges’ attention, Jones also illustrated the whole book for Folio. The judges felt that the cover image was very moving, conveying a sense of vulnerability. They praised Jones’ fresh mix of painting and collage and agreed she had presented the novel in an original light.

Anne-Marie Jones studied Illustration at University College Falmouth. Most of her work combines painting with digital reworking.


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