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Book Illustration

V&A Illustration Awards 2014: Published Category - Book Illustration

Book Illustration Award Winner

Yasmeen Ismail

Illustrations for Time for Bed, Fred! Author Yasmeen Ismail
Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books, London, 2013

Time For Bed, Fred! is Yasmeen Ismail’s debut children’s picture book. The fluidity and freshness of the watercolour illustrations impressed the judges who felt Ismail’s work perfectly expresses the playful nature of her subject matter. They also admired the effective sense of simplicity of the book and the way every page works perfectly as an individual layout.

Ismail begins by writing the script for her books, and then makes pen sketches of ideas in her notebooks. These sketches are arranged in Photoshop into spreads for the book. Once these spreads have been approved Ismail moves on to art working, painting everything freehand using watercolours in high concentration to create vivid colours. When the paintings are complete they are digitally tweaked in Photoshop.

Ismail studied at art school in her hometown of Dublin and graduated in 2002. After running a successful animation production company, she began writing and illustrating picture books.


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