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V&A Illustration Awards 2014: Published Category - Editorial Illustration

Editorial Illustration Award & Overall Winner

Helen Musselwhite

Illustrations for ‘Ten Myths of Creativity’ Author Audrey Niffenegger
In Dance Gazette, Published by Royal Academy of Dance, 1 February 2013, pages 23-25

These pieces illustrate an article by author and artist Audrey Niffeneger on the myths surrounding the creative process. Musselwhite focused on the extremes of ‘that light bulb moment when you know you’ve nailed it versus the crushing feeling of despair and insecurity when the creative juices aren’t flowing and you feel you’re on the edge’. She felt fully qualified to comment on this via the medium that often takes her to these extremes.

The skulls were constructed from different weights and types of paper.

This was hand cut and built up in layers to produce these intricately crafted illustrations.

The judges admired the light, deft way in which this unusual technique had been used, and the skilful, professional execution of the work.

Musselwhite has been working as a paper sculpture illustrator from her home studio near Manchester for the past 8 years.


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