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Book Illustration

V&A Illustration Awards 2017: Published Category - Book Illustration

2017 Book Illustration Award


Alan’s Big Scary Teeth 
Author: Jarvis
Published by Walker Books, London 2016


Jarvis’s background as an animator and a former website designer is evident in the dynamism, fluidity and manic energy of his first illustrated book for children. Alan’s Big Scary Teeth is populated with joyful, peppy, hyperactive characters, all digitally rendered in a palette of primary colours and textures.

Jarvis’s use of mixed media combines digital colouring with a paint, chalk and pencil overlay, giving visual depth to his illustrations and avoiding the sometimes pristine sterility of software-aided design.

His approach to character-design also emphasises the use of simple shapes and geometric formalisation to make his characters ‘easy to draw’. Like the artist’s favourite cartoon characters, Alan, the crocodile, can be reproduced with simple geometric elements: circles (for eyes), a lowercase ‘m’, a straight line (for his snout), 2 curves and a zig zag.


Supported by the Enid Linder Foundation and the Moira Gemmill Memorial Fund