Sou Fujimoto Inside/Outside Tree – a final polish

The protective layers of adhesive sheeting have finally been removed from Sou Fujimoto’s ‘Inside/Outside Tree’, revealing the transparent acrylic beneath. Having been so familiar with the structure in its ‘wrapped’ form, it’s quite breathtaking to see the full, dramatic effect of the tree’s transparency, and the delicate ‘stitching’ of the cable ties, especially as set against the floods of daylight that spill into the Architecture Gallery landing – the location of this structure. It will be quite stunning to see this structure when it basks in the late afternoon sunlight of the summer months that lie ahead of us.

One thought on “Sou Fujimoto Inside/Outside Tree – a final polish

Museum Object – Khadija Dee:

[…] 22–36. THOMAS, A. (2010) Sou Fujimoto Inside/Outside Tree – A Final Polish. Available at: (Accessed: […]

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