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Ornament for presentation and collection

Guest blog entry by Bryony Bartlett-RawlingsThe evolution of print publishing around the end of the fifteenth century is closely intertwined with the development of ornament engravings and their role as designs for the decorative arts. The possibility of producing multiple impressions and the transportability of prints facilitated the wider distribution of these designs. However there are some works in the V&A collection that suggest printmakers were also aiming at a niche market of collectors through employing more expensive materials and techniques.

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Penfriend and the Furniture Gallery

By Barry Ginley, Disability & Access Officer.Organisations such as the V&A are investigating how to deliver information to a wider audience and make their information more accessible for disabled people. Audio descriptions for the Furniture Gallery have been developed to assist visually impaired visitors to access information downloaded via their own smart phones. With new technology this becomes more achievable, or does it?

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Family Art Fun! October half-term: Welcome to Hollywood

Harriet Curnow, Programme Manager: Schools, Families and Young People.

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Museum Computer Network conference 2012

In November we were participating at the annual Museum Computer Network conference(MCN), this year held in Seattle. The MCN conference is a great learning experience. You don't so muchattend as get immersed.

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Reaching out to Schools

By Pippa Joiner, Assistant Programme Manager (Schools).

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Take over day at the V&A

Take over day at the V&ABy Rebecca English, Assistant Programme Manager.

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Teaching art and spreading models: Jan de Bisschop’s prints after the antique

Guest blog entry by Valentina RubechiniAntiquities have always had a strong allure for men and for artists in particular. From the very beginning of the 15th century artists began drawing ancient sculptures and ruins as well as historical events.V&A inventory number 29627.67Jan de Bisschop after Jacob de Gheyn III, Athena, Dutch, 1669

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Creative Quarter 2012

By Cara Williams, Schools Programmes Manager.Creative Quarter, the V&A’s flagship event for secondary schools and colleges, took place on Friday 16th November and was attended by 30 schools from around London and further afield. A total of 3,600 young people participated in talks, workshops and drop-in events throughout the day.

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UK Museums on the Web Conference 2012

UK Museums on the Web is a great opportunity for people in the museum sector to network and bring ideas together about the web and related digital. This year it was at the Wellcome Collection, London. Here are some brief highlights of sessions, but there were of course lots more great ideas buzzing about. Some […]

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