PF @ London Design Festival

From 19-25 September, we’re opening our studio doors to everybody during London Design Festival. We’re keeping it informal; come by check out what we’re working on, have a coffee, chillax a bit. There are all kinds of fun stuff going on in our studio right now. Here are a few of them:

Make For London

We’ve just launched a new project called Make For London, in conjunction with the Power of Making show here at the V&A. We’re working with Londoners to take their brilliant product ideas and build them up into marketable products and rough business plans.
Submit your idea at, and swing by our studio to see how we’re developing the ideas.

Make for London

Cafe Sonja

We’re in the middle of building an entire cafe that will fit in our airplane baggage. It will open up in Vienna at the end of the month for Vienna Design Week. We’re collaborating with Vienna’s Cafe Dreschler to make a delicious week of it. Come by to see Martin laser-cutting like a hero, as he makes tables, chairs, lamps, plates, signs by the double fistful in preparation.
Cafe Sonja opens 29th September, on Grosse Schiffsgasse in Vienna’s 2nd district.

Cafe Sonja stools

Auction Room

An exhibition where everything is on auction but nothing is for sale. We’ve made a lamp for the exhibition, which we’ve already covered extensively in other blog posts. Come by our studios to see the prototypes and paths not taken while developing it, then go see the auction! It is from 22-25 September, at the Farmiloe Bldg, 34 St John Street, EC1M 4BE.
For a funny film of us & more info, check out

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