Popping up Cafe Sonja

After weeks of using the laser cutter to its full potential. 7 tables, 22 chairs, 1 counter top, 8 reflectors and a whole lot of goodness were cut and packed. Ready for the big pop up.

These three boxes contained most of the furnitures needed for the cafe. They were sent to Vienna…

…and the rest was carried by Martin! We helped of course.

Men at work

About 100 meters of rope were used to tie the tables and chairs. The roll was literally used down to the last half meter. Precision!

Final tidying up before the opening of Cafe Sonja.

Refreshments included Almdudler and Leberkäse Brötchen. Both of which kept us going strong and are strongly recommended by PostlerFerguson.

Cafe Sonja is opened until the 9th of October 2011.