Turkey Smokin’

Turkey Smokin' kit & instructions

Each year at Thanksgiving we invite everybody we know over to ours for a feast, featuring a couple of smoked turkeys that we make in our garden in a makeshift smokehouse. So last Thursday when we got a call asking us if we had any skills we could share at the Skill Swap for this month’s Friday Late, we knew it was time to share our turkey smoking secrets.

PF at the Skill Swap learning how to make rice.Unfortuneately, we didn’t have time (or clearance from the H&S sherrif) to actually smoke a turkey in the V&A courtyard so we had to make do with a model. On the bright side, this gave us a chance to break in the new laser cutter that arrived in our office earlier this week. 

Smoker model; box, turkey & bbqSmoker model with foil liningComponents