Calligraphy jewellery

I designed this calligraphy jewellery almost by chance. Whenever I cut plastic using a heated saw, I get some waste pieces. Because the saw is hot, these waste pieces melt together and become connected, forming curves that look like calligraphy. I like these type of curves very much and each one is different. I think they look a bit like Islamic calligraphy.

I used this idea to make some jewellery. I bought a calligraphy book to study. I think that calligraphies are beautiful, like the characters in Chinese calligraphy, with its architectural beauty.

On my next post, I will show a furniture design as an example to elaborate this point.

Calligraphy Jewellery


这个设计想法是很偶然得到的。当我在切割塑料时产生了很多塑料末,由于锯子比较烫,这些碎末很快连在了一起,行成一条类似文字的线条。而且每一根都 是不一样的。我很喜欢这些线条。我觉得有点类似伊斯兰的文字。所以我用这个想法制作了一些珠宝设计。我买了一本有关文字的书来学习。对我来说文字很美,中 国文字具象具有建筑美。我将在接下来的博客中放一个我的家具设计作为例子来阐述这个观点。

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