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The V&A has setup a new Flickr Group called ‘Clever Design Solutions’ and I’ve been asked to periodically select and review some of the designs here on my blog. It’s been running for about a week and people have already added amazing pictures so I hope you can join too!

Here’s the group’s description:

V&A -  Clever Design Solutions. Get yours at

The Clever Design Solutions V&A Flickr Group is devoted to ingenious design solutions, professional or amateur, commercial or domestic: wherever you discover clever design, we want to see it.

Or maybe you yourself have figured out a new and simple way of solving an old problem: that’s clever design! Just capture a good image and add it to the pool! (please include a short explanation if needed).

Anyone can take part in this project and no invites are needed to join or to add pictures.
You can also join the discussion by leaving your comments.

Note: If you are not familiar with Flickr, you can read a brief getting started guide.

“聪明的设计想法”V&A Flickr群是致力于发现身边聪明的设计。无论是专业的或者业余的,商业的或者非商业的我们都欢迎您把他收入进来,共同学习讨论。
欢迎您加入我们的这个项目,无需通过邀请就可以在V&A Flickr群里加入您的设计图片,点击英文介绍后的快速链接地址你就可以找到这个设计群。

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I love Flickr! Thanks for info!

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