It has been an exciting time for Contemporary Textiles at the V&A with two new fabulous pieces acquired for the collection from COLLECT 2007. The first, a woven tapestry by Jo Barker (represented by The Scottish Gallery). Jo Barker, 'Dappled Circle - Scarlet', 2007, woven tapestry. Museum no. T.23-2007 Dappled Circle – Scarlet 2007 45 x 84cm Cotton warp (12 w.p.i.), wool, linen, cotton & embroidery thread. ‘The new piece Dappled Circle – Scarlet, woven for C0LLECT 2007, uses a quality of light that fascinated me on my study trip (Egypt). The way the light is filtered through the fretwork screens in buildings. It also has the circle motif that I have been working with for many years, but this time as a more solid form as a base for the dappled light pattern. The grey ripples act as a softer, subtler sense of movement within the composition.” Jo Barker’s studio wall, Edinburgh, June 2006 - Click to enlarge Sketchbooks, Jo Barker - Click to enlarge Sketchbook showing design for ‘Dappled Circle ‐ Scarlet’ and selected threads - Click to enlarge Woven tapestry ‘Dappled Circle ‐ Scarlet’ on the loom - Click to enlarge Jo Barker and Sue Lawty in Sue’s studio, July 2006- Click to enlarge Jo in lane, outside studio, Hebden Bridge, July 2006 - Click to enlarge