Concept tube train for London

Every day I have to take the London Underground train (the Tube) from my flat to the Museum. But it’s so crowded in rush hour, especially the Piccadilly line and Central line, as I mentioned in my first blog post. So I’ve tried to work out a new solution for the Tube train. I am sharing my first rough ideas here, and I hope more people get involved in discussions about the Tube trains, to help find a good solution for their design. This concept idea focusses on the arrangement of the seats. In my design there are more folded seats, to provide more space for standing passengers during rush hour. The seats are placed unsymmetrically, allowing more space for passengers to get in and out of the carriage. This also makes it easier to locate the nearest priority seats for disabled and old people on either side of the doors.

Also, my design is meant to create a more contemporary look on the outside and cleaner look on the inside. This is just a draft  and I hope you will get involved by adding your comments!

Lao Jinahua - Tube train-4 (concept design)

Lao Jinahua - Tube train-5 (concept design)

Lao Jinahua - Tube train-2 (concept design)

伦敦地铁概念设计每天上班从公寓到博物馆都是坐地铁,但是在高峰期实在太拥挤了,特别是Piccadilly线和Central线,我在第一个博 客中就提到了这个问题。所以试图找到一个解决的方案,这个一个粗略的草案,希望更多的人参与进来讨论然后最终找到新的解决方案。这个概念更多的关注在座位 的设置上,车厢内设置了更多的折叠座位,为了在高峰期提供更多空间容纳更多乘客。座位的不对称设置也是为了方便乘客从不同门口上下车。同时在每个门口都设 置了残疾人和老年人的优先座位。新的伦敦地铁试图寻求外观现代,内饰干净的设计。