Find… Make… Wear…

Making the Sackler Centre Collection of Recycled Jewellery made me think of a challenge to issue to any readers of this blog.

FIND suitable material

MAKE it into jewellery

WEAR it and send your images to the ‘Find… Make… Wear…’ Group on flickr, with an explanation of why and how you made it.

The Material
The material selected can be a material you recycle or it can be an unlikely but not necessarily recycled material. Use your imagination to recognise the potential for change in unlikely materials and make the transformation into wearable jewellery.

The Photographs
The photographs you send must be taken against a plain one colour background, in good lighting and clearly show the jewellery in focus.

Send Two Images
Two images can be sent, one to show the piece being worn and its relationship to the body and another to show the piece on its own. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please read our
flickr – Getting started guide.