Frankenstein Project

Continued with the Frankenstein project inviting the visitors to my usual Thursday open studio day. Not everyone chose to participate but enough did to keep me busy running between camera, computer, printer and light-box, and they have produced some fantastic drawings and Frankenstein collages. I’ve begun the second modelled head, this one based on a cast iron sculpture of a Chinese Buddhist monk, with the most amazing ears! Also been on the look-out for more vessel-forms to add to the growing alphabet of ceramic skeuomorphs, and I’ve found an interesting pair of early medieval two-toed socks from a burial at Oxyrinchus, in the new medieval and renaissance galleries. (Not strictly a vessel-form, but a container of sorts! I’ve been experimenting with ways of adding some of the archive material, particularly the text, in relief as ‘decoration’ on the skeuomorph forms. Tried incising the reversed text into the surface of plaster press-moulds by hand, which works ok for hand-written text, but not for the stamped and typed text (this will require a more technically sophisticated solution; photo-etching or lazer-cutting the image perhaps?)

Two toed socks

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