Fu lantern

Chinese people hang red lanterns in Chinese New Year to celebrate the Spring Festival. When these big red lanterns are hanging up, we feel particularly pleased. It helps to make the atmosphere more festive and creates lots of good luck for the New Year.

We normally use the same design and it’s beautiful but I wanted to try to design a new version of the Fu lantern to make this Chinese New Year in London more special.

I like the Islamic collections here. I studied this style and my new Fu lantern combines Islamic and Chinese design. It is also similar in style to the panels seen in European stained glass.
I wrote down the whole process of this project. As for any other product design, the workflow is similar. From sketch – first rendering idea – refine the idea – technical drawing – test parts to final product.

Fu lantern_sketch
Fu lantern_final

所以我想尝试设计一种特别的福灯笼为这个在伦敦的中国新年。 我非常喜欢这里的伊斯兰藏品。我一来这里就开始研究这种风格,这个新的福灯笼设计结合了中式和伊斯兰风格。同时你能发现英国的彩玻璃也有相似的感觉。同时 我把制作这个福灯笼的整个设计过程写下来,对于其他产品,设计流程也类似。从草图 – 初步方案 – 完善方案 – 技术图纸 – 制作部件到最终的样品。