Heroes & Villains: Creative Life Drawing workshop

Earlier in December we held a free game-themed life drawing session with London Drawing in my open studio.

Model posing as a hero

Life Drawing was something that I was taught when studying my Games Art and Design degree at Norwich University of the Arts. Life drawing is very important to games artists – in particular character designers, as they need to be experts at anatomy, proportion and skeletal structures.


We held three 1-hour-long sessions which involved drawing the model three times – as a hero, as a villain and then the third character would be up to the artists imagination. To build an atmosphere for each session, London Drawing bought in props such as swords and masks, and I provided orchestrated game music for each pose. For example, for the hero poses, I put on music such as the title themes from the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. For the villain poses, I used boss music from games like Dragon Quest V and Monster Hunter. The idea was to build up all of these elements to make art work, in a similar way games use many different layers and elements to create believable worlds.

The end result

Thanks to everyone who came along. We had a lovely afternoon and some amazing work was created!

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