A Journey Within A Journey

If you were on a journey and asked to describe it, where might you begin? Maybe by stating your destination or would it be your point of departure? On the other hand would you simply want to look around and describe the view at that particular moment? Or would you want to go back much further in time in order to talk about why you decided to make the journey in the first place?

It feels very much like this having been asked if I would like to write this on-line diary almost exactly half-way through my eighteen-month residency. It has been said that a diary allows one to experience everything three times – once as lived, once in the writing down, once in the later reading of what’s been written – an on-line diary allows all these things but also invites any number of other people to read it and to share their thoughts. Perhaps this multi-layered experience will give me the chance to not only look forward in terms of the work I will be making, but also to take stock, to unravel the myriad of possibilities that have been offered up over the past nine months.

So in some ways it seems that this “half-way house” is a good place to be in terms of beginning this conversation. And if the residency itself is to be seen as a journey, what prompted it does feel important. So perhaps I will touch on that at some point – a journey within a journey.

 Soundpiece II - Click to enlarge  Soundpiece II, 2000, detail - Click to enlarge Thinking About Touching No.12, 2005 - Click to enlarge Ream Series, in progress, 2002 - Click to enlarge  Passage, 2002 - Click to enlarge  Passage, 2002, detail - Click to enlarge Habit No.2, 2004 - Click to enlarge Habit No.4, 2004, detail - Click to enlarge Habit No.2, 2004, detail - Click to enlarge Habit No.4, 2004, detail - Click to enlarge Habit No.1, 2004 - Click to enlarge Habit Series 1-4, 2004, installation view - Click to enlarge

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