Laser Cutter

Our behemoth of a laser cutter finally arrived in studio the other week!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this kind of machine, it uses a focussed laser beam to precisely cut through sheet material.

Laser focusing head

By varying the power of the laser and the speed at which it moves, you can cut or engrave nearly any material which will burn; wood, paper, plastic, fabric. This unit isn’t powerful enough to cut metal, but it can engrave on it, as well as on glass.


It is a great machine for cutting intricate parts, and lots of them since its hand never gets tired. This will be a great relief for our cutter hands, though we’re pretty sure that Martin can still out-cut the laser any day. The only real drawback is the burned edge it leaves on wood and paper. The tell-tale laser blackened edge is hurts my eyes, so we’ll be spending lots of time getting the settings right to minimize the char.

paper model parts