Liam’s first gallery demonstration

Last week we showed you what our Exhibition Road Drawing Resident, Liam O’Connor, has been doing in his studio. This week Liam brought his work out into the gallery so visitors to the Museum could see it for themselves.

The reason we have Liam doing these gallery demonstrations is because it is no longer easy for the public to drop into the Residency Studios as they have, along with the rest of the Sackler Centre, been closed to the public due to the building work. The Exhibition Road Project is not only providing Liam with inspiration but is also affecting and changing how his residency is run which I think gives Liam’s interactions within the Museum another layer of interest.

During his time in the Sculpture Gallery Liam talked with visitors about his processes. He discussed his visits to site, the materials he has been collecting and how he has been using them to create prints and photograms. We also had some iPads to show photos and a video that Liam has taken of the site to share his idea of how you can’t see much from a wide shot of the site but when you take a closer look you can find many interesting details.

Liam brought a cup of rubble from his studio to demonstrate how he creates his photograms and although the best environment to create a photogram is with bright sunlight, he tried anyway. The lighting where the tables were set up in Sculpture Gallery 21a is mostly artificial because it is another area affected by the building site as the windows have been covered and sound proofed to prevent visitors being disturbed by the noise. You can see below the before and after shots of the photogram, not perfect conditions but it still worked!

Visit Liam during his next Gallery Demonstration to discover more about his work and to see how it is developing.