Metal and Mica

One of the greatest pluses of a project such as Cloth & Culture Now is getting to meet the artists. From Finland, Japan, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,UK; 31 of the total of 35 of us made it to the opening weekend. From formal lectures to conversations over the cornflakes, we learnt of each other’s cultures and practice. The creative connections that might join us around the globe felt a little more tangible.

The work in this show covers an enormous spectrum of concept and materials. I felt a strong empathy to the work of many of the Finnish artists. Here Agneta Hobin.

Air (detail) I'm high. Agneta Hobin, 2007

Air (detail) I m high. Agneta Hobin 2007

Thin exquisite slivers of Mica are woven with Bronze Wire to describe a series of open, airy cylinders. They hang, barely moving. As you circle their forms, the mica fragments and to a lesser extent the bronze, catches the light – creating tantalising glints of luminescence.

In her statement on the C&C Now website Agneta describes in detail the Finnish and particularly her own affinity for nature. And she says:

“I am also intensely aware of the importance of quality, of the authenticity of the materials.”