New adventures and new faces

James Rigler and Sophia George have been with us just over a month now, and both are settling in brilliantly.

James’ studio is looking busy and colourful, and he’s started to create some clay works that respond to the V&A’s architectural forms. This one is getting ready to be fired in our little kiln that we have in the studio.

James Rigler's new clay work

James also had the treat of venturing inside Trajan’s column – a hidden space inside the Museum that he was keen to see. There are two cast sections of Trajan’s column in our cast courts, and if you look closely you can see two little doors leading inside. It was really special to climb through them and see what was in there, just like a fairy tale!

Door into Trajan's column

View inside Trajan's column

You can see more pictures of our adventure and lots more from James by following him on Instagram and Twitter: @james_rigler.

Another exciting thing that happened last week was that our next artist in residence visited the Museum to start planning her time here. Marcia Kure is an African artist, living and working in America, who will be taking over our second Sackler Centre studio from January to March next year. It is a shorter residency than usual, but she hopes to use the time to look at the Museum’s fashion and textile collections in order to prepare for an exhibition. Here are some of her past works:

Marcia Kure Dressed Up series

Marcia Kure, The Mask and the Saint Series IV

It is particularly exciting as Marcia will be spending part of her residency researching at our brand new Clothworkers’ Centre near Olympia, and also at the V&A Museum of Childhood, looking at children’s clothing. It’s nice to be able to extend our residencies past the doors of our South Kensington site, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on how Marcia gets on.

Don’t forget that if you want to come and visit James and Sophia over the coming weeks, they both have lots of Open Studio dates coming up, details of which you can find here.

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