New Glover

My intention before I leave the studio in two weeks is to make various props for the film, including one giant glove 4 metres high, resolve Glover’s mask, make a few reptilian gloves and a world map which shows the edge of the world. This is for the scene where Glover falls asleep (in storyboard below). For the huge four metre high glove I needed a snakeskin or image at the highest resolution, it was more difficult to find than I imagined. I tried every imaginable source for a real snakeskin, from zoos, museums, faux snakeskin suppliers, without success, and I was just contemplating contacting snake owning societies when Diane Hofmeyr dropped into the studio by chance and just happened to have a small snakeskin bag at home. Very kindly, she went home straightaway to get it for me. It was just a little too real for the glovebeasts, but it gave a great reference point. In the end I generated my own orange skin image in Photoshop using layers of found imagery.

snakeskin blog

Ariadna Fatjo Vilas, the editor, is working on an animatic for Glover, and I have found some brilliant soundtracks as a starting point for music for some of the scenes.

Selection of storyboard images from ‘Glover’.

blog storyboard final I have also been auditioning for a new â??Gloverâ?? as Amit Lahav is not available when I need to film in February. It means that the Glover mask will need reworking around a new face. I contacted the Central School of Speech and Drama. There were a surprising number of actors with faces and hair that were appropriate for the period, and I have chosen Stephen Pucci. Visually he appears to fit something of Glover’s qualities as I see them, and could belong in the early 1900s once his hair is slicked and gelled.

Stephen Pucci

stephen pucci blog 03