A Question of Glue

Quite a number of people – off and online – have been posing the ‘which glue’ question. I am absolutely not an expert, so in no way should this be taken as the definitive solution. The glue I use is PVA, widely available from art / stationary shops. Before I embarked on such a major body of work, I ran a number of trials using this and other adhesives. I also contacted a number of professionals for advice ‐ including the Head of Sculpture Conservation at Liverpool Museums. PVA was generally considered to be a good choice. Plus points: • good viscosity • can be delivered accurately, thousands of times over, via a syringe • dries quickly, but not instantly • water soluble • cleans up round edges reasonably well • clear when dry • good longevity • doesn’t discolour unduly over time • doesn’t require two compounds • no fumes I may well find that I get my come-uppance in years to come! In the mean time I am always open to suggestions.