Still Here!

A very brief post to say haven’t gone away…. A number of exciting projects in the pipeline ‐ all entailing certain levels of organisation and admin ‐ have kept me quiet for a while (at least here). I will talk about these in the next weeks, but for the moment, to say, it is the nature of this business (of life indeed) – that we work on current projects, – whilst consolidating and recording past projects, – whilst putting strategies in place for upcoming projects, – whilst planning future projects. … And try to lead that life. Juggling; balls in the air; spinning plates … all phrases just bursting to write themselves onto the page at this point. AND, on top of all this – in the middle of this lovely hot weather – a major electric storm of monsoonal intensity yesterday evening , resulted in blackout and a flood covering a third of the studio floor. (Not bad for three floors up!) So today is operation mop up/dry out ‐ and probably some kind of major assessment of which items are worth the space they are occupying.