The T/Shirt Issue – first V&A blog post

Hello and welcome to our first blog post!  We’re about to embark on a journey to the centre of the V&A and would very much like to share this special experience with you. Hosted by both the Museum and the Goethe Institut London, our Digital Design Residency will run from April until the end of September and will take place throughout all nooks and corners of the Museum.

During the course of six months, we will select, 3D scan, manipulate and re-create a number of objects of the Museum’s permanent collection. Our findings will be bundled in a digital archive, that we hope will eventually become open to the public so we can all influence history.

Next to settling in, these first few weeks will be filled with searching for objects in a most intuitive fashion. We have started the hunt and found artifacts of maximum enjoyability quite quickly. Have a look at our favorite pic(k)s of the week and proof of our hard work behind the scenes.

We will update this blog as regularly as we can with a selection of things we like, our progress and announcements on public events.

Stay tuned for more!

Rozi, Hande and Murat