Update from Liam’s studio

Our Exhibition Road Drawing Resident Liam O’Connor has settled into his studio and is making trips to the Exhibition Road building site collecting interesting objects, inspiration and forming realationships with the construction workers. Liam has been making sketches of the site as well as experimenting with the materials that are left as waste by the construction work.

From trips to site Liam has started to collect pieces of rubble and other discarded objects which have led to fascinating experiements with print making and photograms. Liam takes pieces of brick and presses them into paper, creating a textured surface with colour rubbing off onto the paper. He noticed that sometimes the objects disintegrated and left interesting patterns of dust on the floor and so he has started to make photograms by placing photographic paper on the floor where the dust will fall. You can see the process and results below.

During Member’s Week Liam will be holding his first open studio on Wednesday the 14th of May, make sure you book so you don’t miss out on seeing him at work.