Wise Words

I have long intended to write about Audrey Walker.     A senior figure in the textile community of this country, Audrey is someone for whom I hold deep respect. I have enjoyed her work and read much of her writing but have only in the last few years had opportunity for conversation. I realise now that Audrey is as modest in words as she is down to earth in her writing. In both, she is sensitive… and talks a lot of sense. Here, about labels: “I like the description ‘maker’. It is wonderfully direct and applies whether we make paintings or poems, films, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, textiles… Craftsmanship is essential for eloquence in any medium and many of the tediously worn out arguments about ‘fine art’ or ‘craft’ might be set aside if it could be agreed that we are engaged in a common endeavour to make things with as much conviction ‐ eloquence ‐ as we can manage.” I admire the acute and astute observation at the root of Audrey’s work. Her drawings in pencil, charcoal, paint, stitch ‐ whatever the medium – hold an assured presence. The second acquisition for the V&A Contemporary Textile Collection is ‘Lot’s Wife’ by Audrey Walker. It was purchased from COLLECT with the Sotheby’s Award. Quotes are taken from AUDREY WALKER published by Ruthin Craft Centre. ISBN 1 900941 28 7   Lot's Wife, embroidery, 2007, Audrey Walker. Museum number T.22-2007