An Empty Space

First chance to look around the exhibition space – empty. The last few displays from the previous show Quilts are being removed.That has been a huge success, so our show has a lot to live up to. We have been given all three galleries, about 1,300 m2 – completely empty, they look huge. However, once cases and partitions go in the space will shrink dramatically – and, of course, we hope it will be full of visitors as well! The V&A keeps galleries shut for as little time as possible so the “turn around” period is just seven weeks. This means the exhibition fit-out has to be planed like clockwork.

Just visited textile conservation where Susana Hunter (above) has finished work on one of our costumes from Le Chant du rossignol and it has been mounted by Sam Gatley – what was once a rather sad outfit had been brought back to life. It will now be wrapped up and stored ready for installation. We now have to select gloves for some of the mannequins to complete the effect for costumes from The Sleeping Princess.