The Scene is set

Massive progress on build this week but only 11 working days left and all the glass has yet to be fitted.There are over three hundred objects to install so the galleries must be handed over by 31 August.


Above Geoffrey March, my co-curator stands in the area in which our Nijinsky material will be displayed.

Work has begun on the lighting which, just like lighting in dance productions, will be critical to the overall effect. However, unlike a stage production, we have to ensure that the light levels do not damage sensitive costumes and watercolours. Just as expected the space has shrunk dramatically. The cloths are so big that there is only just enough space to get visitors around and we must ensure that all the layout works for visitors in wheel chairs or those with other mobility issues.

Torn between wanting to watch and not getting in the way plus there are a hundred things I should be doing such as checking on the C19th Toy Theatre showing a scene from The Silver Palace, just where do all those cut out figures go? No sooner is that settled than the first of our set models arrives – for the constructivist production, Pas d’acier. This one has lights and working parts. Go back to office wondering what Diaghilev would have made of it all.

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