On Screen

While construction continues apace downstairs we are finishing checking text and visuals upstairs. Sit down for a run through of all the audio-visual (a/v) elements in the exhibition. A/v is always contentious in exhibitions – some visitors hate them – general visitors often welcome them. They cannot be too long or visitors want benches to sit down and if they are too popular they create pinch points.

We have been fortunate that Howard Goodall, the composer and television presenter, has agreed to do some – particularly on the music for the Ballets Russes. It’s the first time we have seen everything played in sequence together and there is a lot. Just a few changes are needed. It is difficult to judge the overall effect as the A/vs will be scattered throughout the exhibition but I am thrilled with the rare early films. We are also planning a special projection around the Firebird backcloth. The length is determined by Stravinsky’s music – don’t worry it is not the whole score.