IIIF: Digital Collections in Dialogue

Image of lecture theatre showing IIIF Community talk given by Claire Knowles

Claire Knowles, University of Edinburgh, talking about the IIIF Community. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Last week we hosted a showcase providing an introduction to the International Image Interoperability Framework – IIIF (see more here) the opportunities it offers and how it is being used at institutions around the UK. We also had a possible look into the future with discussion of future support for 3D content and other forms of enhanced imaging. Talks were given by:

  • Welcome by Kati Price, Head of Digital Media (V&A)
  • Introduction to IIIF, Tom Crane and Matt McGrattan (Digirati)
  • IIIF at the British Library, Mia Ridge and Andy Irving (British Library)
  • Storytelling with IIIF, Tristan Roddis (Cogapp)
  • IIIF and 3D, Ed Silverton (Mnemoscene)
  • IIIF and crowdsourcing, Glen Robson (IIIF Consortium) and Manon Foster Evans (National Library of Wales)
  • IIIF at the V&A, Richard Palmer and Luca Carini (V&A)
  • Getting involved with IIIF, Claire Knowles (University of Edinburgh)
Image of Lecture Theatre shopwing presentation of IIIF Layer Editor for talk by Luca Carini and Richard Palmer

Luca Carini from the V&A talking about a IIIF layer editor tool. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Over 75 people attended in the morning; discussion continued in the afternoon with a smaller group sharing implementation advice and planning for future development.

From audience feedback this proved to be a useful event and we look forward to continuing conversations between organisations on linking together collections and object, and increasing access to resources at the V&A using IIIF.

Many thanks to our all speakers for their talks and extra thanks to Mia and Claire for assistance with event planning. Slides and audio recording from the morning are now available from the IIIF Shared Drive.