Introducing our Zotero group

As part of our preparatory work before we start re-implementing site search on our website (and further down the line when we look at redeveloping the V&A’s Search the Collections site), we are reading relevant academic literature (journal access permitting!) to learn from other’s experiences – what’s worked and what’s not.  As a useful way to record what we are reading, we have been using Zotero – a free tool to help you collect, organise, cite and share your research sources. We have now created a public group on Zotero to record the papers and websites we find, which may be of interest to other institutions planning a similar project.

Any pointers to relevant papers welcome!

Oil painting

Oil painting, Alfred van Muyden, 1850s, possibly Rome. Museum no. 1618-1869. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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