Mini-project: Comic rebus

For a simple mini-project, I wanted to be able to answer the simple question “So, what do you do?” using a short comic strip which I could then emblazon onto t-shirts or other garments. 

The strip I came up with follows a long history of rebuses – images to take the place of words or syllables to contain a hidden meaning. For example see this hanging “The Shepheard Buss” from the V&A’s collections. Made in around 1600 in England. The symbols and words around the border contain a motto.

Shepeard Buss wall hanging with rebus

And this book plate from the 19th Century. The rebus is a simple rendition of the author’s name “Ashbee”. 

Ashbee 19th century rebus.

I also wanted to the story to make sense on a purely visual level. 

Woman’s eye widens in surprise and delight as she sees…

.. in a drawer she has just opened…

…a pile of comics!

So this is the comic strip I devised:

I draw comics strip

In case you haven’t got it yet, it reads “I DRAW COMICS.”