Culture in Crisis 2018

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Culture in Crisis programme at the V&A; with international projects, monthly museum events and a brand new audio series all on the horizon.

For those of you who have missed out on anything during 2017, you can catch up on our CiC webpage here

This month, we’re pleased to launch Preservation by Design, a ten part series of audio recordings, released on a monthly basis, exploring designed solutions to threats posed to our cultural heritage. Drawing from a wide spectrum of different practitioners and the designed systems they are using, we will look at the broader ecosystem of preservation efforts which are taking place around the globe.

From the architectural design of cities to the formation of military units specifically responsible for protecting heritage in conflict zones; from cutting edge technologies for tracing looted antiquities to projects merging ancient craft and modern design processes, join us to learn more about the practitioners at the cutting edge of cultural heritage preservation today.

The Architectural Impact of cities: Social Cohesion and Crisis in Syria

How do the cities we build influence the communities who live within them? Can conflict be built into the very fabric of our urban spaces? Syrian architect and author of ‘The Battle for Home’ Marwa al Sabouni is joined by Lyse Doucet, Chief International Correspondent for the BBC, to discusses her experiences of living and working within Homs, throughout the Syrian conflict.

You can listen to our first episode here:

Further Reading

If you’d like to read more on this topic, click through to see Marwa’s powerful accompanying blog piece ‘Heritage under Reconstruction’. In this extended piece she shares her ambitions and concerns for what reconstruction might entail in post-conflict Syria, as well as the lasting impact it could have for the future of her country.

Click here to read ‘Heritage under Reconstruction

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back to update you next month with our latest news and events.

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