Glastonbury Festival Signs, Banners and Posters

The Glastonbury Festival pay close attention to the small details in everything as well as masterminding the big picture. This can be seen in the careful, thoughtful presentation of words and graphics.

Signage at Glastonbury Festival

Signage at Glastonbury Festival, 2014, © Keith Hale

The festival is rich in text and they enrich its character and connectivity with the audiences. Words to show you the way, make you laugh, make you think. Dan’s hand painted signs greet and welcome you as you arrive on site; the block printed posters created by the Free Press are dispersed throughout the festival conveying political messages with a dry, sharp humour, and chalk board programmes provide texture and intimacy to the line-ups in the Circus and Theatre fields.

A selection of posters from The Glastonbury Free Press

Selection of posters from The Glastonbury Free Press , 2014, © Kate Bailey

Chalkboard programme in Circus field

Chalkboard programme in Circus field, Glastonbury Festival, 2014, © Kate Bailey

The collage of banners opposite the John Peel Stage are high impact with strong visuals and engaging text. A selection of these banners will be displayed as part of the Glastonbury installation at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design 2015, SharedSpace project…Music, Weather and Politics.

Banners at Glastonbury Festival

Banners at Glastonbury Festival, 2014, © Kate Bailey

The Glastonbury Free Press, the daily festival newspaper printed on site is a fantastic festival souvenir, if you can keep it dry…