Intoart’s Place and Repeat programme returns to the V&A

Intoart returned to the V&A in October 2016 for the second year of their Place and Repeat programme.

Intoart’s Place and Repeat programme aims to create opportunities for the artistic and professional development of people with learning disabilities working within V&A museum and their engagement with collections and archives. This year’s programme builds on Intoart artists’ engagement with the V&A collections to apply the artist-designed fabrics to garments and furniture through further research and collaborations with designers to introduce new working processes, materials and skill development. This year Intoart are working with designers Holly Fulton, James Lambert and Laura Slater.


Session 1

This session explored design possibilities and decision making about the application of Intoart artist fabrics to garments and furnishings.

Followed by a fashion illustration workshop led by Holly Fulton and James Lambert exploring different examples of illustration and a practical workshop that explored new image making and design.

Session 2

Textile designer Laura Slater worked with 8 Intoart artists to introduce interior and product design for the first time. Looking at examples of her own practice through to a practical workshop making lampshades that will take their printed design and textiles into 3D form.


Session 3

Textile designer Laura Slater introduced examples of her screen printed textile design and her wider inspiration through vast examples of research material. Followed by a practical workshop to develop new textile designs by Intoart artists using mark making, line, texture and silhouette inspired by responses to the V&A collections spanning the British galleries, fashion, ceramics and ironwork.

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