Intoart’s Place and Repeat programme returns to the V&A – part 2

Intoart returned to the V&A in October 2016 for the second year of their Place and Repeat programme.

Intoart’s Place and Repeat programme aims to create opportunities for the artistic and professional development of people with learning disabilities working within V&A museum and their engagement with collections and archives. This year’s programme builds on Intoart artists’ engagement with the V&A collections to apply the artist-designed fabrics to garments and furniture through further research and collaborations with designers to introduce new working processes, materials and skill development. This year Intoart are working with designers Holly Fulton, James Lambert and Laura Slater.

Sessions 4 and 5

The V&A collections have inspired the development of each of the four new textile designs.

Philomena Powell is taking the Ironwork galleries for inspiration, composing photographs and playing with the different scales of line and silouette in her design. Ntiense Eno Amooquaye is searching the fashion collections and undertook a visit to the Undressed exhibition to further explore her theme of the ‘Image of the Model’. Andre Williams found new masks and mirrors from the V&A collection and used new surface design techniques gained from time spent with Textile Designer Laura Slater to create a range of new imagery to work with. Mawuena Kattah explored the work of William de Morgan from the Ceramics Collections choosing animals and plants to make into her own magical creatures and developing an entirely new body of drawings.

Clifton Wright and Kevin Jacobs are further developing their garments. Clifton Wright’s space fabric is becoming a jumpsuit and has led to the design of patches and spacesuit design, including a visit to the Revolutions exhibition. Using techniques and materials from the fashion illustration workshop he is designing his bespoke patches ready for production early next year. Kevin Jacobs’ Wartime Flags have now been designed to include trimmings of his choice. To accompany his flags he has gone back into museum to look at the Tapestry galleries picking up on the immersive narratives within the works to inspire a new set of work on paper.

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