‘Visionaries’ Podcast Series Launches

As part of a broader research project about ‘the history of the future’, the V&A organised a series of workshops funded by the AHRC to explore the materiality, trends and designs of the future. The workshops gathered together radically progressive individuals who are reimagining innovation in their field in an attempt to discover the emerging trends of ‘what tomorrow knows today’. In collaboration with multimedia publisher, Future Human, a podcast series called ‘Visionaries’ has been produced and launched today.

Historically, innovation has been spurred by the imagination and technical achievements of creative thinkers: from the Florentine friar Luca Pacioli’s invention of double entry accounting in 15th century Italy to Marshall MacLuhan’s conception of the electronic ‘Global Village’ in the early 1960s.

‘Visionaries’ focuses exclusively on such avant-garde thinkers, asking them to tell the story of their visions and their potential impact on the wider world. The podcast series offers listeners unique and valuable insight into accelerating societal change. These futurological leaps of the imagination are transforming contemporary society across a wide range of fields including science and technology, manufacturing and materials, art and design and trend forecasting as well as influencing politics, science and the arts.

In the first podcast, Owen Holland, professor of cognitive robotics at the University of Sussex, discusses the potential for replicating consciousness:

The full series of ‘Visionaries’ podcasts will be available to listen to or download through Soundcloud and iTunes.

For further information about the podcasts or research project, please contact Professor Sandra Kemp s.kemp@vam.ac.uk