Always winter and never Christmas.

V&A Museum
March 26, 2010

It has been a bit like living in Narnia recently.  After all the excitement of last week’s PV, the constant round of press interviews and VIP tours I should really have taken myself off to a quiet room to recuperate.  But of course I couldn’t resist coming in on Saturday morning, to be there when the doors opened for the first time to the public.

As I walked to the V&A I was suddenly struck by a change in the air, a definite hint of Spring which was confirmed by the glorious blossom I encountered as I slipped down a residential side street.  I realised I had been oblivious to anything outside the exhibition halls, coming to work in the dark and leaving likewise.  It truly felt like a new beginning as I crept into the Museum via the Staff Entrance, dropped off my bag and took up position on the balcony overlooking the Grand Entrance.  Of course all the Front of House staff knew what I was doing – they flashed me several grins as the clocked ticked towards 10.00 am.  As I was joined by Claire the doors opened and the air crackled with excitement.

Passionate and committed, waving their tickets ahead of them, the crowds surged forward – Claire and I stepped back, our job was indeed done.

‘The Domestic Landscape’ featuring the 1797 ‘Sundial’ Coverlet

This week I’ve been trying desperately to catch up with the mounds of correspondence, congratulation cards and emails.  If you are one of the many I have ignored over the past weeks please accept my apologies.  I will have to beg your indulgence for a week or two more as I take my leave of Quilts for a fortnight at home with the much neglected husband and daughters – now forever nicknamed ‘the leggy blondes’ after their appearance at the PV.

In the meantime however you might have some fun with the Quilt of Quilts – 142 quilts uploaded already, is there any possibility you could make it 200 by the time I return.  Come on ladies (and of course gentlemen) – make me proud and share your hidden histories and untold stories with the wider world.  See

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V&A Museum
March 26, 2010

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