Is Home where the heart is?

Apologies for the rather patchy postings – a combination of technical hitches and label deadlines.  It’s been a stressful couple of weeks – culminating in my 30 second appearance on Newsnight.  I’m not sure what was worse – coming face to face with my various facial tics, the ums and aahs or realising that my comments about new domesticity made no sense as a sound bite.  I’ve been waiting for the fall out – it’s bound to be out there somewhere, who can forget ‘the article that dare not speak its name…..’

Of course the point I was trying to make, however badly, was that a number of women (and men) are re-evaluating their lives.  I am sure I am not along in indulging in secret fantasies about giving up work to channel my inner Nigella, baking delicious cup cakes and inviting my friends around for afternoon tea.  Economic reality means that this remains a fantasy for many, including me, but the current interest in making and baking, the increasing popularity of the WI and a desire to learn skills related to the domestic suggests an increasing dissatisfaction with the workplace. 

I was mulling this over as I trudged home last night at 9.00pm; as I passed my neighbours’ doors I looked wistfully at their wreaths and garlands, the home made decorations and festive lights.  I thought about a member of the V&A patchwork group, stitching beautiful little patchwork stars to send as Christmas cards to her family and special friends.  I arrived home to find the husband making jam, his way of unwinding after a particularly unproductive day.  I decided that this weekend I would abandon the laptop, dig out my mother’s three tier cake stand … and invite everyone over for tea.  Lavender cupcake anyone?

You can see a slideshow of the V&A patchwork group as part of the Newsnight ‘make do and mend’ series at