The Sad Lament of the Quilt Widower…

All is not well in the Prichard house.  It started off innocently enough: Husband ‘So what are we doing for our wedding anniversary?’.  Me ‘I don’t know about you but I’m giving the After Dinner Speech at the Festival of Quilts’.  OK, I probably could have phrased that differently but I was tired/hungry/stressed (probably all three).  Husband ‘You’re always tired/hungry/stressed…….’.  There is a line at the end of every acknowledgements page in exhibition publications which state ‘And finally I’d like to thank my family etc etc.’  But what does that really mean?  In effect an apology for all the broken promises: ‘No really, I’m leaving now’ when in effect everyone knows I’m actually leaving when Security kicks me out.  ‘No I’m not bringing any work home this weekend’ well apart from proof reading the book, possibly writing my after dinner speech and remembering to update the blog!  The unspoken thanks for getting up and making me a cup of tea when I’m fretting at 3.30 am and the hot meals waiting for me when eventually I do get home.  I know I couldn’t do what I do without the emotional support of my family – the success of Quilts 1700-2010 depends as much on Team Prichard as Team Quilts!

Happy Anniversary G! Love Sx

Textile design, Union of Hearts, C.F.A. Voysey (E.173-1974)

Hot off the press.  The V&A will be taking a stand at this year’s Festival of Quilts.  This is an opportunity for you to sign up as a Member of the V&A and receive unlimited free entry to Quilts.  More importantly, you will receive an invitation to an exclusive Members Only Preview Day – before the exhibition opens to the public.  Come along to Stand F7 and meet our lovely team who will try and answer all your questions.  They also have a limited number of exhibition postcards free to people who sign up to V&A Membership during the course of the Festival.  If you’re not going to Birmingham this year you can sign up on-line at

The V&A Members Room where you can relax, get light refreshments, use the small library or access the internet.

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