Brazilian Contemporary Event at the V&A – Part 1 Raul Schmidt Felippe Junior

This will be a series of seven videos, each was taken of the speakers at the Brazil Contemporary event that was held on the 21st March 2014 at the V&A. The videos will be released over the course of seven weeks. 


Part 1 – Interview with Raul Schmidt Felippe Junior

Collector of Brazilian Furniture and Co-Curator of the Brazilian Design: Modern & Contemporary Furniture Exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil in London.



Embassy of Brazil in London, Exhibition Information

Brazilian Furniture Exhibition in Berlin

With the generous support of the Embassy of Brazil in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum  brings together practitioners, writers, academics and curators working in Brazil and the UK in the fields of art, design and architecture for a round table discussion.

Against a backdrop of economic growth and cultural change, questions of Brazilian identity and cultural vernacular in arts and design emerge. Invited speakers will detail, dissect and subvert the notion of a Brazilian vernacular through discussions on early and contemporary modernisms in relation to design, and the decentralisation of the Brazilian arts locus.