Christian Kerrigan: Digital Artist Residency (2009 – 2010)

Christian Kerrigan was the Digital Artist in Residence at the V&A from 2009 – 2010

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Gallery 220 Exhibition: Instinct & Inspiration: Objects, Visitors & Artists-in-Residence at the V&A

An Artist-In-Residence Film Running time: 4mins A film capturing the interaction and inspiration of my six month residency at the V&A, is currently showing in Gallery 220 in the Sackler Centre. This exhibition forms part of the international conference entitled;Engaging, Creating: Artist and Maker Practitioner Residencies in Public Spaces. Conference dates are Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th and Friday 8th April 2011 Sackler Centre, V&A.

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‘Capture’, new installation at The Gopher Hole Gallery, Hoxton

'Capture', a new installation at The Gopher Hole Gallery Gallery opening hours: 10am-6pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Exhibition runs until February 13th 2011. 'Capture', was photographed by news website GOOD.

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Forthcoming exhibitions at The Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo and The Gopher Hole, Hoxton

Curiouser and Curiouser, at The Old Vic Tunnels A group exhibition curated by Submit2Gravity showcasing extraordinary, innovative and diverse range of art forms with dramatic and surprising results. Exhibition opening 20th-21st November About a Minute, at The Gopher Hole An inaugural exhibition in the new gallery space The Gopher Hole curated by Aberrant Architecture and Beatrice Galilee, exploring new ways of curating ideas in contemporary culture and to provide a forum for sharp, critical debate on the arts and society. Exhibition opening 9th December

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‘Living’ exhibition reviewed on Furtherfield

Furtherfield are a community of artists, critics and creators engaged in fields of art, technology and social change. Olga P Massanet reviewed the final exhibition entitled, 'Living'. 'A rather cryptic exhibition at the V&A. A personal exploration of the blurring between nature and culture in its absolute physicality. Paying particular attention to the materiality of the creative process, his methodologies show a passion for unfolding reality in its many scales.'

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‘Examples to Follow!’, exhibition on aesthetics, Berlin

'Examples to Follow', an exhibition on aesthetics and sustainability. Studio Lukas Feireiss and Tomorrow's Thoughts Today with Luis Berríos-Negrón – The Imaginarium: A Theatre for constructed ecologies. Participating artists:
2 A+P/A, AMID (Cero9), Rachel Armstrong, Tuur van Balen, Christoph DM Barlieb, Philip Beesley, Luis Berríos-Negrón, Friedrich von Borries, Vincent Callebaut, Revital Cohen, Oliver Croy and Oliver Elser, Justine Cooper, Ecosistema urbano, Eric Ellingsen, Love Enqvist, finsterwalderarchitekten, Vincent Fournier, Lynn Fox, Terunobu Fujimori, Thomas Grünfeld, Ilkka Halso, Husos with Francisco Amaro, Theo Jansen, Christian Kerrigan, Greg Lynn, Ton Matton, Jürgen Mayer H., Lucy McRae, Achim Menges, Nomadisch Grün, Anton Markus Pasing, Phillipe …

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Developing a methodology between public interaction and studio process

Though my residency was primarily a personal journey focussing on my methodology, it was also important for me to make work with an audience in mind. Therefore, I created three public displays during my time at the V&A. One, in the private staircase of the Henry Cole Wing, a second in a room adjoining gallery 220 and the final display made in my studio days before I left the V&A. Within these three 'exhibitions', my methodology developed by creating a personal work flow, and exhibiting this to the public. Taking natural materials, such as clay and earth from the ground, …

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The 200 Year Continuum exhibition in the V&A’s Henry Cole wing studio entitled ‘Living’

In the studio where he has spent the past six months defining the methodologies of his growing anthology of works entitled The 200 Year Continuum, Christian Kerrigan, the first Digital Artist in Residence at the V&A, presents 'Living'. Born and raised just outside Dublin, in Co. Wicklow, ‘The Garden of Ireland’, just when computerisation began to cause great changes in Irish history, Kerrigan’s work is concerned with the role advancing technology plays on our society and its relationship to the natural world. As we continue to modify the world and learn more about it, he enquires how this can, with …

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