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We’re a team of techies, developers, writers, strategists and media makers, responsible for all things digital in the V&A. You’ll find our work on websites, apps, in galleries and on your smartphones and tablets.

Learn about the exciting projects we are developing and keep up to date with our latest news and ideas. We also share our insights and opinions on the most recent developments in the ever-changing world of digital media.

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Designing a new welcome experience at the V&A

Museums, like many organisations, are embracing the agile world of digital media to build cohesive, visitor focussed experiences that bridge the physical and digital. Drawing on the principles of good user experience design (UX), our goal is to make sure visitors have great experiences and interactions with the V&A wherever they are – whether that’s […]

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Digital analytics – in conversation with Chris Unitt

Chris Unitt is the founder of One Further, a digital analytics and user research consultancy who has been working with the Digital Media team here at the V&A, helping us improve our various products, pages, and calls to action. Working particularly with cultural organisations – mainly museums and theatres – as well as digital agencies […]

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2017 at Digital Media – our year in product review

2017 has been an exciting year for Digital Media at the Museum. We’ve worked on some incredible products that cut across departments; we’ve worked with new software and hardware; we’ve led on a new mobile game for families as well as working with partners such as Google, Preloaded or Dotmailer.   Q: How did we […]

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What V&A objects have you been searching for in 2017?

For your holiday reading, we present the 20 most common searches on our Search the Collections site this year (as of today – this post will be updated in the new year with final numbers). As noted last year, this list is of searches where visitors have typed the word directly into the search box […]

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Surveying the state of site search

As we start on a project to re-implement site search functionality on our main site, we begin (as always) by reviewing the literature (when open access allows), and by looking at what our colleagues across the sector are doing, so we can learn from them. We carried out a desktop review (mobile to follow) of […]

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Ideas from MuseumNext x Tech Berlin Conference

What are the technology news from museums across Europe? How are museums using tech in a way that inspires new and existing audiences? How can digital tools help us measure what we do offline? These were just a few of the interesting questions bouncing around the MuseumNext x Tech conference in Berlin this October. Below […]

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IIIF: Digital Collections in Dialogue

Last week we hosted a showcase providing an introduction to the International Image Interoperability Framework – IIIF (see more here) the opportunities it offers and how it is being used at institutions around the UK. We also had a possible look into the future with discussion of future support for 3D content and other forms […]

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How to build trust while building products

What would you say is the right answer? The most important thing that drives progress when building products is… Testing once you’ve built something Silence while you’re building Communication at all times If you’re a product manager at a large museum, your core team are not only the developers, designers and content creators working out […]

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How we build products at the V&A – agile or fragile?

What does it really mean to be agile at a museum? Do we risk shipping half-baked products if we adopt the principles of the lean startup? Can we ever be truly agile if we need to urgently address security issues midway through a sprint? The trouble with the agile methodology is that everyone seems to […]

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Introducing our Zotero group

As part of our preparatory work before we start re-implementing site search on our website (and further down the line when we look at redeveloping the V&A’s Search the Collections site), we are reading relevant academic literature (journal access permitting!) to learn from other’s experiences – what’s worked and what’s not.  As a useful way to record […]

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