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V&A Faces gives an insight into the everyday lives and opinions of the Front of House Staff. We recount our experiences, secret passions and memorable events, as well giving useful hints and on how to make the most of your visit to the world’s leading museum of art and design.

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Easter Day – Resurrections and Rabbits

Happy Easter! To celebrate Easter day I’ve posted some images of V&A objects that depict the Resurrection of Jesus, the religious event which underpins the celebrations. I’ve also included a few cute and not so cute Easter Bunnies that you can find in the Museum. Easter day is celebrated by Christians around the world to commemorate […]

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The 12 Days of Christmas Part 3 : Epiphany and Answers

The Twelfth Night after Christmas is traditionally the last night of yuletide celebrations. On the following day, the 6th of January, it is customary to take down the decorations and put the Christmas tree outside. In this final part of my V&A 12 Days of Christmas blog, I include details of the V&A objects included […]

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The 12 Days of Christmas (Part 2) : Mirth without Mischief

Starting with Es Devlin’s Singing Christmas Tree and inspired by a year of volunteering at the V&A, Part 1 of this Blog included a glorious selection of Victoria and Albert Museum objects to illustrate the traditional song ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’. In this part (Part 2 : Mirth Without Mischief) I’m going to explore […]

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The 12 Days of Christmas (Part 1) : A Visual Feast

This Christmas Blog is a visual celebration of the traditional song ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ illustrated with objects that are on display at the V&A or held within the Museum’s extraordinary collection. In Part 2 (Mirth without Mischief) I will take a look at the origins of this yuletide song and it’s first appearance […]

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Corporeal Porcelain: 399 Days

The title 399 Days imparts the duration of the sculpture’s construction. Through this practical detail, the viewer is made aware of Rachel Kneebone’s corporeal labour. Extending on from the physical nature of its creation, 339 Days tackles the subject of the body, bodily form is represented as incomplete, in a state of transformation. Therefore, the […]

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Serendipity: Finding Henry VII at Horace Walpole’s Strawberry Hill

  Serendipity: the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident       (from the Concise Oxford Dictionary) One of the great pleasures of volunteering at the V&A is that the more you learn about the museum’s collection, the more unexpected links you find that connect different objects, artists and designers. How delightful then, on a […]

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A Soupreme Achievement

The Souper Dress, 1966.

    On a recent Friday Late at the V&A, I paid a leisurely visit to the exhibition ‘You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 – 1970’. My Bluetooth headset played the haunting sound of an organ, the opening of ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procul Harum. The exhibition was busy […]

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“I am so jealous you work here!”

When a visitor says, “I am so jealous you work here”, it can’t get any better than that. The Victoria & Albert Museum is an iconic piece of Victorian, architectural magnificence, housing over 1500 years of impeccable history.  There is no other place like the V&A Museum in the world. From the moment you approach […]

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Visitor Experience at the V&A Open Studios

Good Friday. It’s 06.27 PM. A large security guard stands in front of me. He switches on a tiny torch to do the bag search at the main entrance of the museum. I look at him restlessly; I don’t want to be late. We swap smiles and with a welcoming reception I walk in straight […]

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A Stitch Back in Time

Display: “A Stitch in Time,” Room 116, Metalware, Level 3 For those who have not seen this display, it simply is a must! When I heard about this display, I thought what a good way to learn about my family history, as most of the women (if not all) were Seamstresses by trade. My Nan […]

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