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In 2015 alone, 85 items from the Textiles and Fashion Collection went on short loan to museums nationally and internationally. And to mangle the old saying, what goes out must come back. Here at The Clothworkers’ Centre for the Study and Conservation of Textiles & Fashion, we’ve recently had a spate of returns from exhibitions around the world.

Vivienne Westwood denim ensemble, 1740s embroidered mantua, and Zandra Rhodes dress

Recent returns L-R: Vivienne Westwood denim ensemble, T.229:1 to 3-2002; 1740s embroidered mantua, T.260&A-1969; and Zandra Rhodes dress, T.124 to C-1983. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

21 mounted outfits from 7 exhibitions came back within a two week period in May. So what happens when an object comes back from loan? Well, each outfit is sent out on a mannequin that has been custom padded by the Textiles Conservation department to the correct historical silhouette, to bear its weight and keep it in shape for the duration of the exhibition. They are shipped mounted in a specially made crate, secured at the neck and base. They return the same way. This minimises the need to dress and undress the figure, reducing stress on the garment that may be caused by handling. The crate is delivered to the Clothworkers’ Centre at Blythe House and met by a member of the Textiles and Fashion team, brought up to the study room and unpacked. The crate is taken away to be reused or recycled.

Dior dress back from loan to The Vulgar, Barbican Museum

Dior dress back from loan to The Vulgar, Barbican Museum, museum number: T.12-1977. © Dior/Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The dress will stay on the mannequin while a member of staff performs a condition check, to make sure it has returned to us in the same condition it left in. Some pieces have never had studio photography, or the photos they have look dated, like the green Zoot Suit. These are waiting to go to our in-house photography studio, where they will be professionally photographed and the images uploaded to the Search the Collections database. Most objects then are unmounted and returned into storage, either lying flat in a drawer or hung on a rail in one of our 152 mobile base units where they are available for study appointments.

A line-up of dress ranging from 1775 to 2010, recently returned from Loan to the V&A Clothworkers' Centre

A range of mounted objects back from loan, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Occasionally an outfit might be going back out on loan or on display in one of our galleries. In this case the dress is kept mounted until it’s ready to go back out on show. The “Angel” Alexander McQueen dress is waiting to the shipped overseas. The riding habit is heading to Versailles in October. The beautiful 1740-1745 embroidered mantua above is being considered for rotation back into the permanent galleries. Maybe you’ll see her soon.

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david earp:

Fascinating insight into the work of costume and how we get to see it and so well written.
Thank You

Ruby Hodgson:

Thank you David! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!
– Ruby


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