“I am so jealous you work here!”

IMG_4837When a visitor says, “I am so jealous you work here”, it can’t get any better than that. The Victoria & Albert Museum is an iconic piece of Victorian, architectural magnificence, housing over 1500 years of impeccable history.  There is no other place like the V&A Museum in the world. From the moment you approach the Grand Entrance, a sense of awe takes over. You enter a stance of unbelievable design and elegance, right in the heart of London.

One of my favourite galleries is the Cast Courts (Rooms 46a – 46b). I love seeing visitors’ reactions when they are impacted with the replicas of the ginormous Trajan’s Columns of Rome. Nothing is more rewarding then a speechless visitor taken back by the grandeur of the Cast Court objects, which they had not anticipated to be so impactful.

Another favourite of mine is an oil painting from IMG_3721the Paintings Gallery (Room 88) by Phillipe Jacques De Lutherburg, called “The Falls of the Rhine at Schaffhausen”, painted in 1788. The first time I saw this painting I was submerged by the beauty of the landscape and the skillful oil painting techniques. The level of detail that goes into this large painting is so intricate that the harsh waterfall looks soft and resembles the fluffiness of cotton wool. The detailing is impeccable, from the castle near the top of the fall, right down to the cat in the window of the house at the bottom where people are seen looking at the magnitude of the largest waterfall in Central Europe.

As a visitor from a young age, I knew I wanted to be a part of the worlds finest museum of art and design. Whilst doing a BA degree in Graphic Information Design, the V&A was one of my main references of inspiration. With a variety of exhibitions, it was my area to learn, be inspired and even relate to – all under one roof.

As it is aimed at all ages, it is sure to always be a part of your journey and memory. That is what the V&A does. It surprises you, surpasses your expectations and steals your heart – making you fall in love with the place forever.

The V&A – The peoples Museum, captivating their hearts.

By Fatema Choudhury

Gallery Assistant – Visitor Experience

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Jack Moskowitz:

“…worlds finest museum of art and design” is missing an apostrophe.

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