Behind the scenes preparation ahead of The Big Day – Wedding Window install!

Meet Charlene, Visual Merchandiser, always bouncing with fun clever ideas for our shop’s window displays, but we think this one might just take the biscuit!

Charlene, Visual Merchandiser

How to prepare for the big day?!

So many things, so little time, everything HAS to be perfect! Luckily we have Charlene & team who have it all covered. Let us take you through Charlene’s guide to creating the perfect party, supported by V&A Shop’s unique wedding range of course!

First thing first – Setting the table

Charlene called upon Meaow Box Jewellery for catered/crafted fake tea party food – a scene to make mouths water.

A selection of mouthwatering fake cakes and biscuits

Red velvet Cupcakes to be decorated
Oozing Jammie dodgers to be sculpted
Party rings to be iced
Colorful macaroons to be sandwiched
Split strawberry cream scones

Mmmm.. Having had these sitting in our office the past week I for one can’t wait to eat them… I mean see them!

A decorative tea party display

Next the colour scheme and decoration

Thinking… summer pinks, minty greens and creamy yellows!

130 paper pom poms to be made – Set to work team!

The V&A Shop team making paper pom poms

And this is what 132 pom poms looks like! Might have lost a few behind the sofa!

132 paper pom poms on a sofa

The overnight install

Butterflies in our bellies, winged insects to be hung and pompoms strung!

Paper insect decoration

V&A Shop staff hanging pom poms

Finally it’s picture perfect! It’s party time! Create your own at home with our fabulous new summer wedding range.

The V&A Shop summer wedding display