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All of This Belongs to You

All of this Belongs to You

Exhibition: 1 April – 19 July 2015

The V&A belongs to all of us. But what does this really mean? How does this building, its collection and its staff take their place in the 21st-century public realm? All of This Belongs to You is an exhibition distributed around the museum exploring public life today.

Four commissions by contemporary designers, artists and architects examine the space of the museum, and try to reveal its role in the public realm. Is this an institution primarily committed to the preservation of objects for posterity, or should it be a place for new and challenging public uses?

Three displays look at design and architecture’s relationship with public life. Public space, the design of our streets, security, surveillance, ecology and technology are all domains of design. Design defines how we live and is always in dialogue with commercial, political and ethical forces.

Two online artworks and a weekly event series give you a chance to participate in the debate.


FAT Architecture, Design for Heerlijkheid Park, Hoogvliet, the Netherlands, 2004


  • Co-curated by Corinna Gardner, Rory Hyde and Kieran Long. Assistant curator, Kristian Volsing.